View Full Version : Re: Biofeedback in biomechanics

Rob Kall
12-12-1995, 12:56 PM
Your project reminds me of a project Neal Miller , of the Rockefeller Institute
developed a device for helping scoliosis patients to balance their posture. It's
an ambulatory device, so it uses audio feedback.

You said:
>>PCL injured individuals have increased displacement of the tibia
relative to the femur that cannot be controlled by the same means
as ACL injured individuals. ie Braces do not work. As a solution
to this, I envisioned a pressure biofeedback system that would
encourage appropriate placement of the tibia relative to the
femur by co-contratraction of the hams and quads. There appears
to be several simple, cost effective methods available for
instrumenting a brace/exoskeleton. I would like to be able to log
the number of failures/successes or duration of accurate
placement. Based on your experience, any suggestions regarding
the instrumentation, on/off, gradient digital/analogue...? Any
suggestions on the log idea (how did you gauge success failure
with your ski boots)??