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unknown user
12-12-1995, 07:21 PM
Dear Subscribers,

Here at the University of Newcastle, we are trying to use a ball mill
device as possible test for evaluating the fatigue occurring in dental

The idea would be to put several balls inside a cylinder, toghetar with
a specimen (which would be a dental bridge). The system will be then put
in rotation, so that the balls will crash between them and with the
specimen. This should simulate the repetitive chewing cycle occurring in
vivo, and it could give information about the number of cycles necessary
to break the specimen.

Our problem regards the measurement of the force acting on a single ball.
We would like to know if anybody knows a system for putting a force
transducer in such kind of environment. Moreover, we are interested in a
sort of remote transmitting transducer for monitoring the force.

Thank you,

Giuseppe Bottani
Dental Materials Science
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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