View Full Version : call for help re. photogrammetry techniques,hardware and software , requirements for data analysis

Wesley Allan Niewoehner
12-14-1995, 06:19 AM
I am a Ph.D. student at the University of New Mexico in the Dept. of
Bio-Anthropology. I need help to do my dissertation research. I am
engaged in a functional analysis of Neandertal and recent human
hands. One aspect of my research is the quantification and comparative
analysis of the carpometacarpal joints. I am planning to use
photogrammetry to quantify joint shapes. I need info. on the best way to
set up a portable photo system (the specimens are scattered across
Europe and the Near East in variuos museums). Additionally, I need help
setting up hardware and software for the data analysis. I have access to:
digitizing tablets, scanner (HP Scanjet IICX), IBM PC (Pentium, 8 meg RAM),
AUTOCAD software.

Wes Niewoehner