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Alexander S. Aruin
12-15-1995, 12:51 AM
A 3-day International Conference "Bernstein's Traditions in Motor Control"
will take place in Penn State University, August 23-25, 1996. The
Conference will pay tribute to Nicholai Bernstein and will coincide with
Bernstein's centenary.

The scientific program will include 15 invited presentations by E.Bizzi,
P.Cordo, J.Feigenberg, A.Feldman, S.Gielen, V.Gurfinkel, S.Kelso,
J.Massion, Z.Rymer, R.Schmidt, D.Stuart, E.Thelen, M.Turvey, J.Van Ingen
Schenau, and M.Wiesendanger.

The topics of the Conference will cover:
**motor behavior,
**motor control,
**neurophysiology of movements,
**motor disorders and rehabilitation,
**psychophysiological aspects of movements,
**models and theories in motor control, and
**integrative approach to movement studies.

There will also be free presentations. If you would like to present a
paper, please mail two copies of an Abstract (single-spaced, one page) to:
Mark Latash, Biomechanics Lab., Penn State University, University
Park, PA 16802.

The deadline for Abstract submission is March 1, 1996.

Acceptance of the Abstract will be conditioned by registration for the
Conference. If you wish to attend the conference without presenting a
paper, please mail a letter of intent to the same address or to
MLL11@PSU.EDU. Details about registration (including registration fees
which we hope to keep in an attractive range) will be mailed to all
interested by April 1996.