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Andrew W. (drew) Smith
12-15-1995, 01:33 AM
Dear Readers,

I would like to briefly report on the activities of a fledgling group of individuals
interested in biomechanics in the Southern Ontario region of Canada. Our
membership list boast nearly 40 members from the metropolitan area of
Toronto and the surrounding radius of about 100km. New members are
always welcome!

The group has met twice (October and last evening) and, based on a recent
survey, will continue to meet bimonthly. Our meetings will feature such items
as guest speakers, features on laboratories or work groups, works-in-progress
and new ideas workshops.

Our future meetings are:

8 February at the School of Physical & Health Education, University of
(Contact: Kevin Ball - ball@phe.utoronto.ca)

11 April at Lyndhurst Hospital, Toronto
(Contact: Drew Smith - awsmith@cycor.ca)

If you are living in this region, or will be travelling in the area on the second
Thursday of alternating months, you are invited to join us.

To receive regular information on the group's activities, please send your
email address or FAX number to Drew Smith via one of the following:


+1 (416) 422-5216 or 422-5402

Research Department
Lyndhurst Hospital
520 Sutherland Drive
Toronto ON M4G 3V9

+1 (416) 422-5551 ext 3045 or 3041