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Howard Davis
12-16-1995, 04:06 AM
The following are responses to my request for information on car crashes.
Again, to the respondents, thanks for taking the time to share information!

>From : Gideon Ariel :ariel1@ix.netcom.com

Surf the net at: http://www.arielnet.com Under the Library you will
find material about car crashes
From: BAIER@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu

contact Calspan Advanced Technology Center, 4455 Genessee St., Buffalo, NY,
14225, phone 716-632-7500, ask for Transportation/Crash Safety Department
From: Kelly Joseph Jantzen

The canadian government has done some fairly extensive work with crash
test dummies in a large variety of scenarios. The work was performed at
DCIEM ( Department of civil ??? environmental medicine.) I do not know
how available the data is but I suspect it would probably be in the
public domain somewhere.

From: Parris Ward

I work for a biomechanics consulting company and we do injury analysis in
automobile collisions. The best bet for you would be to access the Society of
Automotive Engineers MOVE Database, which contains all of their publications.
You will be able to find everything you are looking for in their (probably).
Here are a few articles you can start with:

Bailey, Wong + Lawrence: Data and Methods for Estimating the Severity of Minor
SAE # 950352

McHenry + Miller: Automobile Structural Crashworthiness
SAE # 700412

Ishii + Yamanaka: Influence of Vehicle Deceleration Curve on Dummy Injury
SAE # 880612

SAE phone number (412) 772-7118

Also D.M. Severy has written tons of articles (mostly pre-1970)on the above
subjects (UCLA). Pretty much all available through SAE.

If you want more info or any more specific, just drop me a line.

Good luck,

Bruce Turpin
Biodynamics Engineering, Inc.
(310) 454-0924
Pacific Palisades, CA
From: "Lynne E. Bilston"

Your two main sources will the STAPP car Crash Conference Proceedings,
whose papers are also published by SAE in their technical paper series,
and the IRCOBI Conference Proceedings.

From: Adrian Roberts

This is an enormous subject area which could fill the internet. What is it
you are after. There are many research groups around the world working with
lumped mass and FE models of vehicles and crash dummies as well as models of
humans. Can you be more specific in you appeal for information. What are you
wanting to investigate and to what level and what are your resources. What
type of car impacts are you looking at, front, side, rear, oblique? Are you
vehicle specific? The range is large or do you want a generic frontal pulse
as taken from some applicable regulation? The more complex car models are
requireing Cray type power.

From: ACCroft@aol.com

I have some material that may help you, but I am in the process of readying
myself for next year's teaching duties and haven't a spare moment for a
while. I have not done any crash testing myself, but plan to in the near
future. And, funny you should ask, I am informally attempting to develop a
velocity vs. acceleration curve based on the existing literature. There are a
lot of problems in here--too numerous to cite now--but with an acceptable
leap of faith such things can be done.

End of Summary