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Paul Klein
12-17-1995, 09:22 PM
Hi netters
Some weeks ago I posted a message to get information about scoliosis
screening systems avoiding X-rays. They make use of the 3-D shape of the back.
Thank's a lot to those who replied.

1)from John Stevens: adress of a specialist in Baton Rouge:
Dr A. Copes (email: acopes.com)

2) contact person: S. Otahal (email: otahal@ftvs.cuni.cz)

3) BTS system: AUSCAN. Contact: 100335.1403@compuserve.com

4) from Cristoph Roy: contact ATEN DEVELOPMENT co
adress: Impasse du chateau rouge
69530 Brignais, France.

5) from Jim Patton: contact Cheng Cao (email chengcao@engin.umich

6) from Ian Stokes: He published a paper
Stokes IAF, Shuma-Hartswick D, Moreland MS:
Measurement of Spinal and Back Shape Changes in
Patients with Scoliosis.
Acta Orthop Scand 59:128-133, 1988.

and came to the conclusion that 'optical methods are not so good'.
It could be a 'dying field'.

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