View Full Version : Biorobot, is it a reliable measuring device?

12-18-1995, 12:04 AM
Dear Biomch-l readers,

The "Biorobot is a power measurement device that is frequently
being used in strength training. We intend to use the device for
the assessment of the effectiveness of strength training.
However, we are not convinced that it is sufficiently reliable.
Before we start a study on this it seems to be logical to ask
around whether such a study has already been performed or whether
anybody has experience with the "Biorobot" that would give us an
impression of its reliability. Up till now we have not come
across such information. If anybody has any experience with the
device or knows of any relevant research and want to share that
information, we would be quite grateful.

as always, we will post a summary,

DirkJan Veeger
Hanno van der Loo
Charles van Commenee