View Full Version : Re: Scoliosis Screening

Tim Smith
12-18-1995, 10:35 AM
Paul, I missed the original posting, but there are several other methods you
haven't mentioned. Commercially, the ISIS scanner from Oxford Metric?, UK,
uses bright white light strip that traverses over back while
videoed/analyzed. Moire fringe techniques were used by many, see Jim
Pekelskey (sp?) at NRC Ottawa Canada, late 80's work. Moire has lost favour,
definately, Fuji/Japan no longer make a system for it, felt laser based
scanning was the way to go. I have also seen 'rings' projected from a 35mm
slide projector mask, measuring their distortion on the patients back to
infer shape. Check Scoliosis Research Society Proc. and also for a 'Surface
Topography' group. A German researcher was using asymmetry of breast sizes
as an indicator.... I leave it up to you to decide the most appropriate
method for your interests. Tim Smith