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Todd Weber
12-19-1995, 01:57 AM

Albert Einstein Medical Center and the Moss
Rehabilitation Research Institute seek a project
director for a 2-year federally funded research
project on overuse syndromes in post-polio
survivors. This study will examine the hypothesis
that focal weakness predisposes to overuse
syndromes (i.e., pain and inflammation of soft
tissues) related to the weakened muscles and/or
those used in compensatory movement strategies.
Additional projects will explore the efficacy of
specific treatment interventions.

The project director will work in collaboration
with the 3 co-principal investigators (Dr. MaryAnn
Keenan--orthopedics; Dr. Alberto Esquenazi--PM&R;
and Dr. John Whyte--PM&R) to direct a $933,000
project that will study individuals with post-
polio syndrome longitudinally over a 1.5 year
period. The position of project director is full
time and will supervise staff including physical
therapist/PT aide, physician's assistant, nurse,
research fellow, and data entry, clerical, and
data analysis personnel. The opportunity exists to
develop independent research directions in
mobility rehabilitation and become a permanent
faculty member of the Moss Rehabilitation Research

The appropriate candidate will have a doctoral
degree in kinesiology or a related field,
experience in managing a multi-person research
effort, and skills in research design, data
analysis, and writing. The project is scheduled to
begin 3/1/96.

Interested candidates should forward a resume and
cover letter to:

John Whyte, M.D., Ph.D.
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
1200 W. Tabor Rd.
Philadelphia PA 19141