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Daniel India
12-19-1995, 03:11 PM
In November, Richard Smith posted laboratory summaries, which if you
weed through the vendor bashing, most of it makes sense. However, I
have yet to come to a conclusion: How to objectively decide, based on
known quantifiable measurements, where to place your cameras to get the
lowest, vibration free location. We know about the various lighting
conditions, types of lens etc. But what about Floor/Tripod-Camera or
Ceiling-Wall mounted/Camera vibration, is there any data.

For instance, With your cameras on tripods, how much vibration from
your raised "computer" non-reflective flooring is acceptable? Obvious
zero vibration is the answer, but is there a true zero vibration? Are
there any studies?

Or, With wall mounted or ceiling hung cameras, are there certain wall
board specifications or other "Objective" guidelines to the level of
acceptable vibration? If your wall is vibrating due to whatever, it is
going to affect the camera's recordings?

We know its ideal to have ground floor/basement locations with no
mechanical/electrical/elevator/subway train, etc. interference. But
sometimes the lab will take any space to be functional.

Thank you in advance. All responses will be posted.

Dan India, M.S., M.B.A
Vice President: North American Sales
Motion Analysis Corporation

"A Vendor" seeking answers

As a "Vendor" we are asked by the architects, the Ph.D. the
scientists... We can give opinions, provide site discriptions that this
group does this and they do that, but their must be acceptable

I will post summaries of responses.