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Clemens E. Rossell
12-20-1995, 05:49 AM
Hello to you all again,

Thank you so much to all of you who responded. I received an extreme,
incredible amount of responses regarding my question of what a "biomedical
engineer is or does." I have learned many things from those who responded
and I wished to thank them individually but there were too many of them.
Clearly this interdisciplinary field is what I am interested in. For any of
you who are curious, I'll probably seek to work with imaging techniques or
computer models of the body and see where I go from there. I went to visit
my local hospital, and of the doctors there told me that one of the problems
with the MR scan is that the person has to be still for some time to be able
to scan whatever part of the body they need. He said the reason the person
needs to be still is not the hardware's fault (as in design) but it's
actually the software they use which cannot handle movement. Perhaps
someday I'll be able to solve that problem.

Of the several responses which really moved me was the following, "The pay
is bad, the stress horrendous, the career prospects non-existent. But I
help to make sick people better, and I sleep at night." [Sent by someone
from London, England] Now, I don't know if the first sentence applies to
this field everywhere, but it's touching to know that what most of you do
(and what I hope to do) is for the benefit of society.

By the way, some of responders believe that I am from Vancouver, Canada. On
the Internet, things are not what they seem. I'm actually from Mount
Vernon, Washington. I check my e-mail from here, but I have an account in
Vancouver (and at my community college).

I'll be attending the University of Washington in the fall.

Thank you so much again,

Clemens E. Rossell
FAX: 360-424-9822