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Christoph Roth
03-03-1996, 12:09 PM
Dear members of biomch-l

I am a graduate student at the University of Delaware investigating
problems associated with recurrent dislocation of the shoulder and
treatment according to the Bankart-procedure and its modifications. As
part of my studies, I am interested in isometric properties of the
glenohumeral ligaments and the force distribution within this ligament
group. I am aware of a few papers investigating parts of this problem,
as listed below. However, during the literature search I was unable to
locate any information on tensile properties of the Superior GHL and the
Middle GHL, and I found only one citation for tensile properties of the
Inferior GHL. Furthermore, there seems to be no biomechanical model
describing the forces on the GHL complex as a function of humeral
location with respect to the scapula.

Any help would be very appreciated, and a summary of replies will be
posted within a couple of weeks.


Bigliani LU et al. 1992: Tensile properties of the inferior glenohumeral
Hoffmeyer P et al. 1990: Stabilizing mechanism of the glenohumeral ligaments
Jerosch J et al. 1990: Ueber die Funktion der passiven Stabilisatoren
des glenohumeralen Gelenkes
O'Connell PW et al. 1990: The contribution of the glenohumeral ligaments
to anterior stability of the shoulder joint
Terry GC et al. 1991: The stabilizing function of passive shoulder restraints

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