View Full Version : Cartilage model in ABAQUS

Michael Nilsson
03-04-1996, 01:02 AM
Dear friends,

I am a graduate student at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland and am
currently working on a FE model of the cartilage. For this purpose I am
using ABAQUS with the SOIL model they have.

I am using poro-elastic, plane strain solid elements for the cartilage and
interface elements INTER3RP for cartilage interaction. Fluid is allowed to
cross through the interface and also is allowed to leave the interface at
the two edges of the interface.

Currently I have two problems, questions:

1. ABAQUS puts a limitation on its time increment for the transient soil
analysis based on element size, elastic and bulk modulus etc. This
limitation seems to make it impossible to enable the load application within
a short time frame (less than a second).

2. The interface elements currently are 'bleeding' of to the sides. this
seems to cause numerical singularities during the calculations and a lot of
severe discontinuities have to be passed through before a solution can be
found. This makes the calculation time very long and questions the validity
of this interface model, even though a better model could not be found yet.

Does anyone have any experience with these problems or can anyone point me
in the direction where I maybe could find a answers?

Thanks ahead of time for reading and maybe even answering to this.

Cheers, Michael Nilsson!!!