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03-05-1996, 01:06 AM
I unfortunately agree with you about sigmaplot. This isnt even a beta
level product. I bought it for the 3D plotting capabilities but find it so
buggy as to be almost unusable. For example, to print such plots I must
cut and past them into another program (any other program).

I have used KaleidaGraph for several years and find it excellent for 2D
plotting and curve fitting. It is quite powerful but has limitations on
the built in statistics, the inability to compute multiple regression
(actually it may be able to do it with some of its more advanced features
that I have never mastered) and of course, no 3D. And they upgrade their
product very, very infrequently.

I have also used DeltaGraph 3.0 (3.5 is the latest release). It has some
3D ability but I have not found any reason to prefer it over KaleidaGraph
and I have not put in the time to really learn it well.

I hope you elicit many replies because I would like to learn if there is
anything better out there for the Mac.

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