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Lesley A. Brown
03-06-1996, 04:23 AM
I have been following this discussion and I am somewhat surprised that
nobody has mentioned GraphPad Prism. Although it is a PC based software, it
will run on a PowerMac equipped with a PowerPC chip and 'SoftWindows'. I am
not a Mac user (nor am I in any way affiliated with the company), so I can't
comment on how successfully it does this. I have used the PC version
extensively and highly recommend it. It's intuitive and quick to learn and
provides excellent quality presentation-type graphics. Error bars too -
anyway you'd like them!! The one drawback is that its not a spreadsheet
package. It does have some spreadsheet capabilities but they're a bit
cumbersome and frustrating to use. We use it here for 'final-product'
graphics and just import the data from a spreadsheet or as an ascii-text
file. Anyway, GraphPad does offer a 90 day no-obligation trial period for
their product, and they have a website for those who may be interested:


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