View Full Version : Sigmaplot for PCs

Stewart, Sandy 443-6113
03-06-1996, 06:14 AM

I've used Sigmaplot for the PC in its various incarnations for
years; it's gone up and down, but version 2.0 for Windows is pretty
stable and useful. I've published papers with graphs made from it. One
advantage is that it's flexible: you can come up with just about any kind
of good-looking graph you want. I like it because it can import ASCII
data files, and you can copy data from Excel; you can plot error bars,
and you can do a lot with regression lines and mathematical curve
fitting. It's gotten fairly fast too. I think they have version 3.0 out
now. One caveat: I've not used the 3-d plotting capabilities much.

Good luck,
--Sandy Stewart