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D. Heiss
03-06-1996, 07:44 AM
Faculty and students in our department have been using Sigma Plot on
the PC for years starting with the older DOS version. We have recently
decided to purchase one of their 5 "seat" site licenses. While there do
seem to be a lot of bugs in the Windows versions that we didn't encounter
in the older versions, we are optimistic that the newer version will
address these and/or the enhanced technical support that we will receive.
The site licenses are expensive, though (about $ 1700 for a 5 person) and
I'm not sure if you receive the technical support with a single copy.

Some faculty members have found that their older versions are not
compatible with Windows 95. We haven't received the newest version of
SigmaPlot to find out if this has been resolved.

Debby Givens Heiss
PhD Candidate in Exercise Science
Physical Therapy Graduate Program
The University of Iowa