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Yang Kuang Neng
03-07-1996, 02:15 PM
Dear all,

Last time I posted the question how to locate the human foot joints by
attaching markers. I am sorry that I reply so late.
Here are all the responses.
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:40:14 -0800
From: dan945@ix.netcom.com (Daniel India )
Subject: Re: How to locate the human foot joints by attaching markers?
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Motion Analysis Corporation's 3D FootTrak Marker set as defined by the
Crystal Clinic, Dr. Ian Alexander in corporates the following marker
set. The key to this marker set is the positioning of cameras, field of
view and quanitity of cameras.

1) marker triad on the Great Toe (Lateral, medial and "rear of toe")
2) proximal and distal joint of first metatarsophalangeal
3) proximal and distal joint of fifth metatarsophalangeal
4) Lateral Maleolus
5) Medial Maleolus
6) Lateral Calcaneous
7) Medial Calcaneous
8) Rear Calcaneous
9) Proximal and Distal Tibia (post and anterior)

This marker set yields the following 3D Foot/ankle charting and
graphing for :

Hindfoot, MidFoot and Hallux Internal/External Rotation
Ankle, Midfoot and First MTP Dorsi/Plantar Flexion,
HindFoot, Inversion/Eversion
MidFoot and Hallux Varus/Valgus

and can be intergrated with the Novel foot system for foot pressure or
other analog sampling devices.

Good luck

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