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Jones, Terri
03-08-1996, 01:55 AM
Another Job Announcement.

Universities Space Research Association's Division of Space Life Sciences
anticipates a 6 month appointment with the possibility of a 6 month
extension for an individual with research experience in the area of
visual-vestibular interactions in reference to gaze control. The opening
is in support of the Human Movement and Coordination Laboratory at NASA
Johnson Space Center and requires a minimum of a Master's degree in
Neurophysiology/Bioengineering/ Biomechanics. A Ph.D. or ABD is preferred.
Salary will be negotiated DOE.

The incumbent will be involved in the analysis and collection of eye
movement and kinematic data obtained during protocols involving visual
target acquisition. Experience with a variety of software packages in both
the PC and Macintosh platforms would be useful.

Those interested should submit resumes to Terri Jones, Project Manager,
Division of Space Life Sciences, 3600 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, Texas
77546. Resumes submitted by electronic mail are welcome. Interested
applicants need to respond by March 20, 1996.

For additional information, please contact Terri Jones at
(jones@lpi.jsc.nasa.gov) or call Dr. Charles Layne at (713) 212-1485