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Les Thisards Du Gam
03-10-1996, 10:59 PM
March 11, 1996

Hello !

I am working on the modelisation of the interactions between motor units and=
tendon plate. However, it seems to be not clear in the litterature how=20
each motor unit is inserted on the tendon. Is it inserted with a unique=20
tendon fascicule as proposed by Spielmann & Stauffer (1986)? If it is, each=
tendon fascicule would have it's own behaviour as a function of both it's=20
own stiffness and motor units' recruitment. Could you help me to find some=
informations about these, i.e. relation between motor unit diameter and=20
tendon fascicule stiffness, relation between tendon fascicule lengthening=20
and motor unit recruitment?

Thanks in advance

Groupe Analyse du Mouvement
Universt=E9 de Bourgogne