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Dr. Gregory S. Rash
03-11-1996, 04:34 AM
Director, Gait & Biomechanics Lab
Phone: (502) 582-7657

I have been asked by a physician I work with to post a query. Please respond
to me & I will post a summary of replies. Thanks.

We're interested in measuring load transmissions across the wrist joint but
do not have an effective pressure transducer or system for measuring the
forces transmitted across the articular surfaces of the wrist joint. The area
of the relevant joint surfaces varies from 2-4 cm2. So far we have tried a 4
fingered system by Teckscan, but the sensors are too large and are unstable
in the joint. We have also tried Fuji film, but this only allows 1 pressure
measurement at a time & we would like to conduct several measurements at a
time in response to loads applied. If anyone has tackled this or a similar
problem I would very much like to know more about your methodology. I thank
you in advance for your help in this matter. Vivian Lees, M.D.