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Herman J. Woltring
01-27-1989, 03:06 AM
Dear list-readers,

The following item was distributed on Usenet last week and may, I feel, be
of interest to MEDINF-L and BIOMCH-L:

From: KROVETZ@cs.umass.EDU
Newsgroups: comp.ai.digest
Subject: AI-related dissertations
Date: 17 Jan 89 23:26:00 GMT

This message is to announce the availability of "AI-Related
Dissertations" in electronic form via TRLIST. "AI-Related
Dissertations" is a subset of dissertation titles and abstracts
taken from the Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI) database.
The list is assembled by Susanne Humphrey and myself and is
published in the SIGART Newsletter (that list doesn't include
the abstracts). The distribution via TRLIST (another network
newsgroup devoted to distribution of information about Technical
Reports) will include both titles and abstracts. The electronic
redistribution is being done with the permission of University
Microfilms International, the producers of the DAI database.
University Microfilms has also granted permission to extract subsets of
the distribution and to make hardcopies, subject to the constraint
that their copyright notice be retained and that the list isn't
sold. Please do not contact Susanne or myself about getting the
dissertations; they may be ordered from University Microfilms at the
following address:

University Microfilms International
Dissertation Copies
Post Office Box 1764
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Telephone for U.S. (except Michigan, Hawaii, Alaska):
1-800-521-3042, for Canada: 1-800-268-6090.

Price lists and other ordering and shipping information are in
the introduction to the published DAI. An alternate source for
copies is sometimes provided at the end of the abstract.

Requests to be added to TRLIST may be sent to
TRLIST-REQUEST%smu@uunet.uu.net (for Internet) or
E1AR0002@SMUVM1 (for BITNET), or
{texsun!convex!killer}!smu!trlist-request (uucp)