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03-13-1996, 12:22 AM
I have not seen any Netscape plugins for LaTeX but it seems like a good
idea. You might try posting to some of the newsgroups. There must be a
hacker out there somewhere...

Alternatively, you could put these up on the WWW using PageMill or one of
its ilk. It is not all that hard or time consuming. You wont get exactly
the same formatting but it is pretty straightforward. I have started
putting my recent publications up (including the recent lambda flame war
with added figures). You can see what it looks like on my lab home page.


I have explained on that page that I hope to explore a more interactive
form of WWW communication that is more detailed than what happens here on
the list server. If anyone reads the articles on my page and wants to
create an extended discussion, I will add links to my page if any one asks,
attached to specific articles that enable the presentation of lengthy
issues with supporting data.

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