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Alexander Schmidt (neenah/wi)
03-13-1996, 05:23 AM
After spending several days with the Tekscan pressure system, I am
somehow sceptical about the capabilities of the system. Our original
euphoria to use this equipment to measure absolut pressures and
pressure distribution between two deformable medias/surfaces is over
now and we are just at the beginning of a long learning curve regarding
sensor calibration, best sensor shape (no bending influence on pressure
output), interpreting the huge data output and many other things. I
realised that this equipment has been successfully used in the past to
determne pressures, where the sensor is placed between a deformable and
a more or less nondeformable surface.
Does anyone has some experience in the area described above?
Has anyone ever quantyfied the influence of the sensor bending to the
pressure output?

Alexander Schmidt

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