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Lee Barnes
03-14-1996, 05:44 AM
Oxford Metrics Inc.
VICON Technical Support Vacancy

An opening is available immediately at the Oxford Metrics office
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the position of Technical Support
to VICON customers.

Every VICON system delivered within the USA, and certain other
countries, is individually installed by the staff of Oxford Metrics
Inc., with training provided at the customers' site. After an
initial period of familiarization, the Technical Support Person
will carry out these installations and train users, with a variety
of backgrounds, in the use and applications of the system.

Following an installation, the company continues to provide
assistance via telephone, modem, fax and the Internet, during the
warranty period. Afterwards, many customers choose to take out
service contracts to continue the same level of service. The
appointee will share in providing this service.

Related duties include:

Providing "help desk" support for current and previous product
ranges - requires some knowledge of Microsoft (current) and DEC
(previous) operating systems. Travel to customers sites, with
occasional "out-of-hours" work. Preparing reports of technical
failures and related problems. Providing technical advice and
support to VICON sales and marketing staff in the USA and elsewhere.
Work as directed by the President of OMI.

To be able to perform these duties, the appointee will have:

Sound scientific/mechanical/physical aptitude, and technical
confidence. This would probably, but not necessarily, be indicated
by a B.S. or higher degree in a science-based subject. Ability to
explain and teach unfamiliar concepts to people with a variety of
backgrounds, in an efficient and friendly manner. Thorough
experience with MS Windows (3.11, 95, or NT), and LANs. General
familiarity with IBM-PC architecture, including setting up and
debugging basic LAN hardware, board-swapping, subsystem-level
fault-finding. Preferably some experience in clinical biomechanics
or motion capture for animation (ideally with VICON). Normal office
skills(word processing, spreadsheets).

Above all, this is a small office, serving a relatively small number
of customers, so you may expect to get to know each one individually.
A friendly, open personality is therefore fundamental to success in
this interesting and varied appointment. The successful applicant
will be based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Salary and Benefits
$30,000 to $40,000 per year, depending on relevant experience.
Flexible 40-hour work week, with one hour for lunch.
21 days vacation per year, and recognized holidays.
Medical insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
Company pension plan.

Please reply to:
Oxford Metrics Inc.
9441 Common Street - Suite C
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70809-1463 USA.

Tel: +1 504 928-0616
Fax: +1 504 928-0261
E-mail: support@metricsnet.com