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Mark Latash
03-14-1996, 05:46 AM

"Human Kinetics" Publishers is launching a new journal Motor Control with
the following mission statement:

Motor Control is an international journal designed to provide a
multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of scientific information on the
basic principles of motor control, control of human movement across the
lifespan, and issues related to motor disorders and rehabilitation.

Motor Control encourages submission of papers from a variety of disciplines
including, but not limited to biomechanics, kinesiology, neurophysiology,
neuroscience, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and psychology. The
journal will publish a wide variety of types of research papers including
clinical, experimental, modeling, and theoretical studies. To be considered
for publication, papers should clearly demonstrate a contribution to the
understanding of control of movement.

Motor Control will start as a quarterly journal with a possibility of an
increase in the frequency of publication if the number of submissions and
subscriptions allows. The first issue is planned for January 1997. We are
commited to quick review process and publication.

Section Editors: G.L.Gottlieb (Neurophysiology), D.A.Rosenbaum
(Psychology), W.Z.Rymer (Motor Disorders and Rehabilitation), G.Schoner
(Theories and Modeling), M.Wade (Motor Behavior), and V.M.Zatsiorsky

Editorial Board: J.G.Anson, V.Dietz, R.Enoka, A.G.Feldman, C.P.J.Ghez,
C.C.A.M.Gielen, J.A.Hoffer, T.Kasai, J.A.S.Kelso, P.Neilsen, T.R.Nichols,
J.Scholz, M.Turvey, and C.Worringham

Please, submit Research Papers as well as Short Reports (up to 10
double-spaced pages including everything) in triplicate to the Editor: Mark
Latash, Biomechanics Laboratory, Penn State University, University Park, PA
16802, USA. The manuscripts should be organized according to the APA
recommendations ("APA-style"); however, the authors are encouraged to
preserve their personal style. There is no page limit, although brevity is
strongly encouraged.

If you need more information, please contact the Editor by e-mail at

For subscription information contact Human Kinetics Publ. at 1-800-747-4457
(in the USA) or by mail: P.O. Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076.

Thank you very much.

Mark Latash, The Editor