View Full Version : abstract search: force curves, fiber recrutement/fatigue

03-14-1996, 09:09 AM
Dear readers,

I am in the eternal process of writing a book on hypertrophy. Germane to the
foundations of said book are the characteristics of isolated and whole
muscle fiber recruitement patterns and fatigue.

At this point two central themes of the book are 1. the concept of a
generally stable force curve is without merit--expressed force curves are a
function of athlete idiosycracies (physiological and historical) and degree
of fatigue

2. Actin/myosin hypertrophy is a function of rate and degree of concentric
fatigue, i.e. the most effective training stimulus is that which
concentrically fatigues the fiber to a state of concentric failure in the
shortest time.

Am greatly interested in any information and/or feedback.