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Masaaki Sato
03-14-1996, 10:40 AM
Dear Biomch-L:

We published "Data Book on Mechanical Properties of Living Cells, Tissues,
and Organs" (eds H Abe, K Hayashi, and M Sato) from Springer-Verlag at the
end of this last February . This data book presents the original,
up-to-date information resulting from the Japanese research project,
supplemented by some of the important basic data published previously. The
aim of collecting the information is to offer accurate and useful data on
the mechanical properties of living materials to biomechanical scientists,
biomedical engineers, medical scientists, and clinicians. The data book are
presented in graphs and tables ( one type of data par page) arranged in an
easily accessible manner, along with details of the origin of the material
and the experimental methods.
This book is not a text, but should be useful for some of Biomch-L readers.

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