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Arthur Brandwood
03-14-1996, 11:20 AM
I thought I would grasp the opportunity to advise those subscribers to
Biomch-l who aren't already aware, that there is a separate Biomaterials
listserver located on the same server as Biomch-L. To subscribe is the same
process as Biomch-L, send:




Perhaps Tim and Mike would consider subscribing and posting their comments
and questions to Biomat-L...

The Book by J Boon Park was re-published a couple of years ago in a revised

Arthur Brandwood. Listowner, Biomat-L

>Could anyone suggest a good engineering textbook for
>physical properties of biological tissues such as
>bones and tendons.
>Tim Foutz
>Since this is a question which is probably of interest to many on this list, I
>thought that a response to the list was appropriate.

>... Biomaterials: An Introduction by Joon Bu Park, ... I believe that this
>book is still in print, but again I'm not sure.
>- Mike Kleinberger
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