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V. P. Stokes
03-14-1996, 03:14 PM
At 10:13 PM 3/12/96 EST, you wrote:
>THis isn't exactly biomechanics, but...
>Our lab would like to make some of our papers accessible over the Web.
>The papers are currently in LaTeX format with encapsulated postscript
>figures. Is there a relatively easy way to allow people to read these
>documents over the Net (i.e. modify the documents) or put the documents
>in a certain format to make them readable (they can be easily put into
>.dvi or .ps format)? Or do we have to just mail them as text files to
>people who are interested?
>Thanks for any advice.

First, your idea of making papers available over the WWW is a good one.
In fact, you will find many WWW sites where this is already being done
(usually PostScript files). Second, there are many ways to accomplish
your goal for LaTeX files. One way is:

Use a DVI-to-PS driver (e.g. DVIPS) to convert your *.DVI files
form LaTeX to PostScript (try a CTAN site).

The good news is that this is free at your local CTAN site. The bad
news is that PostScript files are not completely device independent
nor or *.dvi files from LaTeX (incidentally "dvi" means device independent!).

But don't despair there is more good news, a new document format *.PDF
has been developed which seems to be an improvement over the *.PS format
at least with respect to device independence. It is now being used by
Elsevier and other publishers; however, the bad news is that this software
is not free (try Adobe Acrobat).

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