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Marco Viceconti
03-16-1996, 12:49 AM
Dear Collegues,
following some public and private discussions on the possibility to
share bio-related FE meshes through the SIB new web site, I agreed with Ton
van den Bogert to post the following enquire:

1 - Are you willing to share with others FE meshes you had developed? Do
you feel the mesh a shareble result or an extension of your personal
skillness, which you don't want "sell out"?
If positive, how many models you'd like to share, of which type and for
which purposes?

2 - Do you think a FE mesh can be,under certain conditions, re-used for
other purposes or you feel every specific problem needs a tailored mesh?
More generally, does it makes sense to share FE meshes? If positive, for
which purposes (only educational, test replication, etc.)

3 - In case you share a mesh, would you like to be protected against
commerical use of you mesh? If positive, do you feel the
agreement-password system used by the NIH for the Visible human of by us
for the Standardized Femur (http://www.cineca.it/prometeo/) would be

4 - Now for the users: if this collection would be available, would you use
it? How frequently, and for which purposes (a base for my studies, I don't
want waste time meshing, educational only, etc.).

5 - Last, I promise. If you are really positive, in which format could we
store them? Patran neutral file would be general enough?

Of course, this is also a way to understand how many ISB members are
potentially involved with FEM; so if you are one of those, please find a
second to reply, event just to say "no time". As obivous if only five
person are interested, we can exchange our stuff each other without web

Marco Viceconti

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