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Krystyna Gielo-perczak
03-19-1996, 03:28 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

The following announcement might be of interest to those of us who feel
that ergonomics problems are all time challenging specifically now
when industry and goverments need to look carefully at the work place
design. Therefore, these subscribers may be interested in attending
the 28th Annual Conference of the Human Factors Association of Canada
organized by the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo.

/Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Co-moderator Biomch-L/

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28th Annual Conference

of the Human Factors Association of Canada

Hosted by

Department of Kinesiology
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
University of Waterloo

Valhalla Inn - Kitchener, Ontario
October 23-26, 1996

With an increase in global trade and reduction in resources, business, industry
and goverments are looking for means of achieving increased competitiveness
without compromising the well-being of employees. These objectives can be
achieved if ergonomics principles are used in the design of tools, materials,
tasks, jobs, products, systems and environments. However, we must be prepared
to show that the ergonomics approach works and is cost effective.

The theme of the 1996 Conference, Evidence-Based Ergonomics, invites us all
to show through case studies, field studies or other means, how ergonomics
can and has made a difference.

The annual conference of the Human Factors Association of Canada is organized
for all who are interested in learning about ergonomics approaches to
reducing risk of injury, fatique and error and improving products, processes
and productivity.

Although presenters are encouraged to orient their contributions to the theme,
papers on all aspects of ergonomics are requested.

Paper Submission

The date for receipt of final manuscripts ( up to 5 pages ) is May 17, 1996.
No short abstracts need be submitted.

Detailed instructions for authors can be obtained by contacting
the Waterloo'96 HFAC\ACE Conference Secretariat.

All presenters must register for the Conference and pay registration fees.

Registration Fees
Can$ 470 excluding workshops and banquet
Can$ 250 single day registration
Can$ 150 for students

Discounts for members of HFAC/ACE or IEA-affiliated societies and early

Organizing Committee

Robert Norman & Richard Wells
/Conference Co-Chairs/

Francis Allard Anne-Kristina Arnold
David Brodie Beverly Brooks
Leslie Buck Michael Greenley
Kevin Hamilton Heather MacDonald
Stuart McGill Jorma Saari

Conference Secretariat Address
/General Information and Registration/

Waterloo'96 HFAC/ACE Conference
6519B Mississauga Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1A6, CANADA
Tel:(905) 567-7193
Fax:(905) 567-7191