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Ton Van Den Bogert
03-19-1996, 11:21 AM
Dear subscribers,

If you have not visited the ISB web site recently, I suggest that
you have a look. Content is steadily growing, both in quantity
and quality. Point your web browser at http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/isb
and enjoy. I would be interested in any feedback or suggestions
on how to improve this service. Also let me know if you want to
contribute any material (documents, software, data).

>From the 'what's new' section:

February 28, 1996: Musculoskeletal model of the lower limb
(contributed by Scott Delp)
February 27, 1996: Biomch-L archives now in HTML with hyperlinks
February 26, 1996: Standardization - ISB standardization
proposals and reactions
February 8, 1996: Cycling data - pedal forces and kinematics
(contributed by Steve Kautz)
January 23, 1996: GAITLAB - 3-D gait analysis software and data
(contributed by C.L. (Kit) Vaughan)

Plans for the (near) future:
- searchable list of ISB members' names & addresses
- employment ads, resumes
- automated posting of user feedback (e.g. to standardization proposals)

On the ISB home page you also find information on how to join the
ISB. Membership entitles you to a significant discount on
journal subscriptions, conference registrations, and you will
receive the quarterly ISB newsletter. The ISB also supports the
Biomch-L mailing list. So join, and be a part of the
international biomechanics community.

-- Ton van den Bogert
Biomch-L co-moderator & ISB web-master