View Full Version : smoothing of 3D surfaces

Jennifer Moore
03-20-1996, 07:23 AM
Dear fellow BIOMCH-L members,

I am reconstructing 3D arterial geometries from magnetic
resonance images. From each slice of a volume scan, I
extract a contour which describes the inner edge of an
artery, then I loft together the contours from all of
the slices to get a reconstruction of the artery surface
in 3D. (The surface topology is described using NURBS in
IGES standard format.) Noise in the MR image results in an
unphysiologically 'un-smooth' artery surface.

I am currently smoothing the slice contours to reduce this
effect, but it is not entirely successful. Does anyone
know of surface smoothing methods (or software) that might
help? Thanks in advance!

Jennifer Moore
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Institute
of Biomedical Engineering
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada