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Timothy L. Foutz
03-20-1996, 08:46 AM
Other details and registration forms will be available at our WWW site
after March 25, 1996

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JULY 13-15, 1996

Established to encourage inquiry, application and
interest in biological engineering in the broadest and
most liberal manner and promote the professional
development of its members

Deadline for Preregistration: June 1, 1996

Speakers include:
Lotfi Zadeh, the founder of Fuzzy Logic,
Robert Brody, Manager, Health Care Consulting, Ernest & Young;
Janie Fouke, NSF Director: Bioengineering & Environmental Systems;

Saturday, 7/13
1:00-5:00 pm Registration/Recruitment
3:00-5:00 pm Council Meeting
5:00-6:00 pm Social Hour
8:00-10:00 pm Informal Discussion - Future Directions of IBE

Sunday, 7/14
7:00-8:00 am Breakfast
7:30 -noon Registration/Recruitment
8:00-8:15 am Welcome - Brahm Verma, U. of Georgia

8:15-9:50 am
Session Title: Developments in Biological Engineering: From
Engineering Human Tissue to Downstream Processing
Introductory Remarks: Belinda Roettger, Mayo Clinic
Engineering Artificial Endocrine Tissues: The case of the
bioartificial pancreas -
Thanassis Sambanis, Georgia Inst. of Tech.
New Developments in Fermentation Technologies for the
Production of Biological Control Agents to Control Plant
Diseases - Patricia Slininger, USDA
Bioprocess Engineering of Downstream Processes for
Value-Added Products and Biopharmaceuticals -
Michael Ladisch, Purdue University

10:00-11:05 am
Session Title: Biological Concepts in Ecological Systems
Introductory Remarks: Matthew Smith, U. of Georgia
Using Organizational Concepts of Ecological Studies to Model
Water Quality- Bruce Wilson, University of Minnesota
Biological Concepts Incorporated Into a Constructed Wetland
Model- Kenneth Stone, USDA-Agricultural Research
Service, Florence, SC
Modeling of Compost Piles as Nonhomogeneous Batch
Biochemical Reactors, Robert Cherry, Idaho
National Engineering Laboratory

Session Title: Role of Fuzzy Logic in Biological Engineering
Introductory Remarks: Brahm Verma, U. of Georgia
Fuzzy Logic In Biological Engineering-
Lotfi Zadeh, University of California, Berkeley

Noon-1:00 pm

1:15-1:45 pm
Session Title: Biotechnology Industry: A Perspective on the Future
Introductory Remarks, Norm Scott, Cornell University
A Perspective on the Future- Robert Brody, Manager Health
Care Consulting, Ernest and Young
1:55-3:10 pm
Session Title: Industry Needs in Biological Engineering. Introductory
Remarks: James Dooley, Trout Creek Assoc.
* Panel Presentations
David Jensen, Search Masters International
Mary Maley, Kellogg Co.
Kristiina McConville, Aastra Aerospace
Charles Geng, Pillsbury Co.
* Moderated Discussion

3:20-4:45 pm
Session Title: Biological Engineering Education.
Introductory Remarks: Timothy Taylor, Univ. of Missouri
Title TBA - Ralph Cavalieri, Washington State University
Biological Engineering: A Case Study in Curriculum Reform -
John Henry Wells, Louisiana State University
Biological Engineering: What's Needed in the Classroom -
Ashim K. Data, Cornell University
Discussion - John Henry Wells and Timothy Taylor

8:00-9:30 pm

Monday Morning, 7/15
7:30-NOON Registration/Recruitment

8:00-9:25 am
Session Title: Animal Engineering.
Introductory Remarks: Richard Gates, Cornell University
Title TBA - Thomas Wolfe, Institute of Laboratory Animal
Resources, National Research Council
Physiologically Based Simulation Model for Swine Production
- Larry Turner, University of Kentucky
Title TBA - Douglas Hard, Monsanto
An Avian Model for Disuse Osteoporosis - Timothy Foutz,
University of Georgia

9:35-11:15 am
Session Title: Plant Engineering.
Introductory Remarks: J. Robert Cooke, Cornell University
Plant Biomechanics: An Engineering Approach to Function and
Form - Karl J. Niklas
Plants and Fluid Mechanics - J. Robert Cooke, Cornell
Engineering and Phytochemical Production - Joel Cuello,
University of Arizona
Using Controlled Environment Facilities for Assessing Plant
Response to Rising CO2 and Climate Change -
L. H. Allen, University of Florida
Controlled Environment Agriculture - Louis Albright, Cornell

11:20 - 12:15 pm
Closing Session: Future Opportunities in Biological Engineering
Introductory Remarks: Norm Scott, Cornell University
Janie Fouke, Director, Division of Bioengineering &
Environmental Systems,
National Science Foundation

* Special arrangements have been made during Sunday's Lunch so
students can be seated with the speakers from industry