View Full Version : Biarticular muscle length

Sylvain Grenier, University Of Ottawa
03-20-1996, 11:03 AM
To all interested,
I've been told that I may not have much luck with this
request but I figure my luck will be much better if I do it rather than
not. I'm proposing to compare 2 and 3-D methods of measuring biarticular
muscle lengths in the legs, probably while walking. I also would like to
validate whatever methods I end up using. With that in mind I have two
questions 1)does anyone have software applying either [Grieves et al.(1976);
Frigo & Pedotti(1976); Hawkins & Hull (1990) or any other relevent
method] to this end? 2)Does anyone have any suggestions for validation methods?
Thanks to all. Whether or not I post a summary will depend on the
type of responses I get.