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Kenneth Chesnin
03-25-1996, 04:23 AM
Just to clarify the response of Debarag Banerjee and
add a little information:

The data reported by Miller and Nelson (1973) is
secondary data from Harless (1860) and Dempster (1955).
This data is also reported by Winter (1990) and
Plagenhoef (1971).

I have not seen the original data of Harless, however,
I believe it was a small sample (n=5). The head and
neck data of Dempster is from seven fresh (not preserved)
white male cadavers age 52-83. It should be noted that
Dempster's cadavers were not preserved, were stored for
10-24 days before segmentation, and he did not control
for cause of death. Therefore, significant emaciation
and fluid loss may have occurred. As the data on page 46
shows, these cadavers were either quite small or significant
wasting occurred (for example, subject 15250 was
180.3 cm tall and weighed only 133 lb. ( A source you might find useful is Miller and Nelson (not sure about name
> of book). He did some density studies on cadavers. Among figures I have:
> Density of Head and Neck: 1.11 g/cc
> Hope this helps.