Eric Barrey, Inra France
03-25-1996, 04:47 AM
REMINDER : deadlines for advance registration March, 31

SAUMUR, France
May 20-22, 1996

The National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the National
Equestrian School of Saumur (ENE), are pleased to officially announce the
organization of an international conference that will bring together
150 scientists, all specialists in animal locomotion.
The papers will be organized into 5 sessions :
into 5 sessions :

Monday 20 May
- Measurement techniques in animal locomotion
- Biomechanics of bones, joints and tendons
Tuesday 21 May
- Normal locomotion and muscular activity
Wednesday 22 May
- Athletic locomotion
- Abnormal locomotion

In addition, some workshops will be organized to discuss the following
topics :
- Signal processing in biomechanics
- Biomechanic measurements in vivo
- Treadmill vs overground locomotion
- Limits between normal and abnormal locomotion
- Locomotion analysis and judging criterion in dressage

Some demonstrations of gait analysis systems and horse simulators will
be on Tuesday 21 May.

Scintific Committee:
Helen Davies (University Melbourne, Australia)
Nancy Deuel (University of Maryland, USA)
Stig Drevemo (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)
Henk Schamhardt (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Eric Barrey (National Institute of Agricultural Research, France)

Organizing Committee:
The National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) and
the National Equestrian School (ENE) will be the official organizers
of the meeting.
Eric Barrey (INRA) Christian Cambo (ENE Director)
Bertrand Langlois (INRA) Patrick Galloux (ENE Research Manager)
Elisabeth Laville (INRA) Antoine Sinniger (ENE Communication Manager)
Jean-Marie Denoix (ENVA)
Emmanuel Rossier, Nicolas Baudoin, Pascale Chavatte (Horse Institute)

Oral presentations
- Development of a technique for measuring ground reaction force in
the equine on a treadmill
Weishaupt M.A., Hogg H.P., Wiestner T., Demuth D.C., Auer J.A.
- Ground reaction forces in horses, assessed from hoof deformation using
artificial neural networks
Van Loon J.P., Savelberg H.H., Schamhardt H.C.
- An application of discrete wavelet analysis impact biomechanics
Lanovaz J.L., Watson L.G.
- The use of two camera 3 dimensional technique for analysis of equine
kinematic field data
Rogers C., Davies A.S.
- Tachycineradiography and fast gaits : differential actions of the limb
joints during the locomotion cycle
Rocha-Barbosa O., Renous S., Gasc J.P.
- Image-analysis to mesure activity of animals
Bloemen H., Berckmans D., Aerts J.M., Goedseels V.
- K.S. index : a method for the quantification of the locomotion symmetry
of the horse at slow trot using kinematic data
Pourcelot P., Audigi, F., Degueurce C., Denoix J.M.
- Measurement of inter-segmental synergy in the animals' leg by means of
conjugate cross-correlations : application to the crayfish locomotion
Jamon M.
- A kinematic analysis system for the study of equine locomotion in outdoor
Pourcelot P., Degueurce C., Audigi, F., Denoix J.M.
- A comparative study of home video-macintosh computer-based and modified
coda-3 systems in equine motion analysis
Szalay F., Back W., Barneveld A., Schamhardt H., Hajos F.
- Videography computer aided : a usefull method in horse locomotion
Miro Rodriguez F., Morales J.L., Vivo J., Aguera E., Cano M.R.,
Galisteo A.M.
- Trotting on the treadmill : the ideal speed for motion analysis
Peham C., Mayr A., Licka T., Scheidl M., Girtler D.
- Determination of pig movements measured by image analysis
Nabil M.A.
- Estimation of horse's movement biomechanics using a dynamographic plate
Jackowski M.

Oral presentations
- A biomechanical model describing a mechanism for injury to the foreleg
of the racehorse
Pratt G.W.
- Power flow in the equine forelimb
Colborne G.R., Lanovaz J.L., Sprigings E.J., Schamhardt H.C.,
Clayton H.M.
- Timing and distribution of strains on the equine metacarpus
Davies H.M.
- The explanation of the unique function of the accessory ligament of the
deep digital flexor in the horse
Savelberg H.H.C.M., Buchner H.H., Becker C.K., Schamhardt H.C.
- Healing of the accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon
after experimental desmotomy
Becker C.K., Savelberg H.H., Buchner H.H.
- Relationship between histological structure of pathological equine
superficial digital flexor tendons and their mechanical behaviour
Denoix-Crevier N., Pourcelot P., Collobert C., Geiger D.,
Bernard N., Denoix J.M., Sanaa M., Ribot X.
- Effects of orthopaedic shoeing on the load of the deep flexor tendon
in Dutch warmblood horses
Willemen M.A., Jacobs M.W., Savelberg H.H., Barneveld A.

- Joint moments and power in the equine forelimb
Colborne G.R., Lanovaz J.L., Sprigings E.J., Schamhardt H.C.,
Clayton H.M.
- The response of the cortical proportions of the third metacarpal bone
to fast speed exercise in thoroughbreds
Larkin N.C., Davies H.M.
- Comparative topographic study on microhardness of metacarpal and
metatarsal bones in equids (Equus caballus and Equus asinus)
Stefanov M., Chervenkov S., Grueva G., Vladova D.
- Variations of local strain and modulus of elasticity along the equine
superficial digital flexor tendon in relation to its architecture
Denoix-Crevier N., Pourcelot P., Collobert C., Bernard N.,
Sanaa M., Geiger D., Denoix J.M., Crevier G.
- Visualising the pattern of strains in the hoof wall in vivo
Davies H.M.
- Radiological assessment of the effects of a full motion rolling shoe
during asymetric suppport
Serteyn D., Miesen M, Caudron I., Grulke S., Maes P.,
Vanschepdael P.

Oral presentations
- The mechanics of locomotion in horses
Minetti A.E., Ardigo L.P., Reinach E., Saibene F.
- Kinematic comparison of the leading and trailing fore and hind limbs
at the canter
Back W., Schamhardt H.C., Barneveld A.
- Influence of speed on the kinematics and kinetics of the carpus
Johnston C., Drevemo S., Roepstorff L.
- Variability of the limb joint behaviors of sound horses trotting in
the conditions of the standard lameness
Degueurce C., Pourcelot P., Audigi, F., Denoix J.M.
- The hind limb of the trotting horse : a kinetic and kinematic study
Roepstorff L., Drevemo S., Johnston C.
- Effects of treadmill inclination on kinematics of the trot in Dutch
warmblood horses
Sloet M.,Barneveld A., Schamhardt H.C.
- Comparison of stride components in equine locomotion on a flat and an
inclined treadmill
Kai M., Hiraga A., Kubo K., Tokuriki M.
- The difference of muscle activity in equine locomotion on ground and
on treadmill
Tokuriki M., Otsuki R., Takahashi K., Jozaki A., Kai M.,
Hiraga A., Aoki O.
- Postural control and locomotion in the developing rat
Gramsberger A., Geisler H.
- Gastrocnemius length in bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion
Ettema G.
- Informative contents of the foot prints cinematic parameters and
adhesion conditions
Abourachid A., Renous S., Gasc J.P.
- The forelimb of the trotting horse : a kinetic and kinematic study
Roepstorff L., Johnston C., Drevemo S.
- Biokinematics of adult and young Andalusian horses at the trot
Cano Marcia M.R., Morales J.L., Vivo J., Miro F., Galisteo A.,
Aguera E.
- Differences between breeds (Dutch warmblood vs Andalusian purebred)
in forelimb kinematics
Galisteo A.M., Vivo J., Cano M.R., Morales J.L., Miro F., Aguera E.
- Cinematic analysis of the locomotion of the two breeds
Abourachid A., Laville E.
- Study of the "raising" behavioural activities in large mammals
(cattles and pigs)
Bels V., Renous S., Serneels F.
- Comparative study of breed differences, on metabolic and contractile
characteristics, in different thigh muscles
Sayd T., Mera T., Bousset J., Laville E.
- Standardisation of the sampling depth of gluteus medius in horse
using echography measurements
Barrey E., Valette J.P., Jouglin M., Courouce, A., Auvinet B.,
Flaux B.
- Blood lactate concentration and heart rate of dressage horses during
Lindner A., Schoneseiffen N.

Oral presentations
- Influence of horizontal loading on the kinematics and kinetics of the horse
Drevemo S., Johnston C., Roepstorff L.
- Shoe-weight induced changes in lower limb kinematic variables in
trotting horses
Balch O., Clayton H.M., Lanovaz J.
- Investigation of the equine jumping technique by accelerometry
Barrey E., Galloux P.
- Components of the total kinetic moment in jumping horses
Galloux P; Barrey E.
- Classification of collected trot, passage and piaffe using stance
phase temporal variables
Clayton H.M.
- The effects of gait quality and collection on the angular velocity of
the hind limb joints in riding horses at the trot
Holmstrom M., Drevemo S.
- Effects of conformation on the canter and gallop of olympic three-day
event horses
Deuel N.R.
- Control of locomotion in the horse at different gaits
Lafortuna C., Braghieri M., Reinach E., Saibene F.
- Angular accelerations in the joints of the hind limb : differences between
riding horses judged as good and poor at the trot
Holmstrom M., Drevemo S.
- Comparison between the temporal characteristics of the canter pirouette
and the collected canter
Clayton H.M., Burns T.E.
- Training in Andalusian horses : is the locomotor pattern affected by
training ?
Munoz A., Castejon F.M., Rubio M.D., Vivo R., Aguera E.,
Escribano B.M., Santisteban R.
- Relationships between conformation and performance in olympic
three-day event horses
Deuel N.R.
- Effect of added weight on landing kinematics of the forelimbs in
jumping horses
Clayton H.M.

Oral presentations
- Load redistribution after desmotomy of the accessory ligament of the
deep digital flexor tendon in adult
Buchner H.H.F., Savelberg H.H., Becker C.K.
- Compensatory movements of horses with a stance phase lameness
Uhlir C., Kubber P., Girtler D., Peham C., Scheidl M., Licka T.
- Kinematics in Dutch warmblood horses at the trot before and after
an induced lameness
Galisteo A.M., Cano M.R., Morales J.L., Miro F., Vivo J., Aguera E.
- Investigating locomotion of dairy cows by use of high-speed cinematography
Herlin A., Drevemo S.
- Effects of the asymmetrical placement of skin markers in the
kinematic assessment of the locomotion symmetry of the horse
Audigie, F., Pourcelot P., Degueurce C., Denoix J.M.
- Measurement of gait asymmetry in lame horses using an accelerometric device
Barrey E., Desbrosse F.
- Gait analysis in laying hens and broilers with and without leg disorders
Reiter K., Bessei W.
- Limb kinematics in a dog with a fibrotic myopathy
Galisteo A.M., Vilar J.M., Pinedo M, Cano R.
- Abnormal locomotion following musculo skeletal injury
Bromiley M.W.
- Equine motion analysis as a way to objectivate the effect of acupuncture :
a case report
Licka T., Peham C., Scheidl M.

Visit of Equestrian School, Dressage show presented by the Cadre Noir,
Monday evening banquet, visit of the castle of Saumur, conference dinner
in the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. (all included in the registration fees
for delegates and accompanying persons).

Advance registration must be recieved by March 31,1996 After March 31, 1996
Full time delegate registration 1600 FF 1900 FF
Accompanying person 700 FF 900 FF

In order to obtain the registration brochure, please send a message to:

INRA Fax: Int + (33) (1)
E. Barrey - SGQA E-mail: ugeneba@dga1.jouy.inra.fr