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Mandy Sketch
03-25-1996, 08:25 PM
Re: Elsevier Science's ContentsDirect

I would like to thank everyone for the enormous interest in the free
service being offered by Elsevier Science. This service, offering the
contents lists of our journals free by email, has been promoted widely
and we have had a tremendous response, with over 30,000 subscribers
joining in the past couple of months.

This wonderful response has unfortunately meant that there is a slight
delay on inputting everyone's email address and I would like to apologise
to all of you who have asked to be added to the lists who have to date
not received any listings. I can assure you that everything is being done
to add all of your addresses as soon as possible.

Once again thank you for your interest in this service.

Mandy Sketch
Publishing Editor
Clinical Medicine