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Peter Cavanagh
03-26-1996, 12:36 AM

The Center for Locomotion Studies at Penn State University continues to be
interested in receiving applications from qualified individuals with
masters degrees for graduate assistantships starting in August 1996. The
academic programs of the Department of Kinesiology provide the setting for
a Ph.D. degree with specialization in Locomotion Studies and Biomechanics.
The assistantships requires a 50% commitment to research or teaching.
Students typically come from diverse areas of the biological or physical
sciences including Kinesiology, Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial, Bio,
Engineering Mechanics), Physical Therapy, Physics, and other areas.

Current research interests at the Center include foot and lower extremity
biomechanics, finite element modeling of the foot, posture and gait in the
elderly, biomechanical issues related to the neuropathic complications of
diabetes, and exercise in microgravity.

A special endowment also enables CELOS to offer a supplemental stipend to
outstanding predoctoral students who bring with them their own means of
support. Interested students may request further information by contacting
Dr. Lorraine Mulfinger at The Center for Locomotion Studies, Room 10 IM
Building, University Park, PA 16802. 814-865-1972 or by Email at

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