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Herman J. Woltring
05-15-1991, 02:59 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Further to my previous posting today on NSF file server facilities,
the following elaboration on how to access this information source
was received this afternoon via RESEARCH@TEMPLEVM. Thanks, Eleanor!

Good browsing to all of you.

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

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Date: Wed, 15 May 91 07:23:37 EST
Subject: Getting Files from STIS at NSF using BITNET
Sender: Research News
Comments: Resent-From: Eleanor Cicinsky
Comments: Originally-From: mmoulton@nsf.gov

We've had a few requests to repeat the instructions for accessing STIS
using BITNET. The reviews are not all in yet, but from what we are
hearing after just two months, STIS is being well received by our
community. Our goal is that it be useful as well as user friendly.

Some concern was expressed that paper copies of program
announcements and brochures would be discontinued. You need
not be concerned about that--at least not in most of our
lifetimes. We look upon STIS as an alternative way, but not a
the only way, to receive NSF documents. While we actively
encourage the use of STIS, we also recognize that there are many
organizations that have neither the hardware, software, or
technical capability to use STIS exclusively.

Mary Ann Moulton
DGC Policy Office

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Getting Files from STIS at NSF using BITNET

We have implemented a link between the Science and Technology
Information System (STIS) and our Info Server.

Thus you can obtain a copy of any file on STIS by sending an
electronic mail request.

STIS now offers the following file transfer/copy methods:

1. Online request for Kermit download
2. Online request for an electronic mail
delivery of the file
3. Online instructions for using
anonymous FTP (and the option
to get the 'FTPer's Index to Files' by
any of the methods)
4. Anonymous FTP
5. Electronic mail request and
electronic mail delivery (Info-Server)

The big benefit of the link between STIS and our Info Server is that
BITNET and Internet users have a familiar means of access. BITNET
users will not need to dial in. (A long distance call means phone

To retrieve STIS files using BITNET or Internet e-mail, send a message
to the following address:

info@nsf.gov (Internet)

The text of the message should contain the following

Request: stis
Topic: stis_topic

.. where "stis_topic" is the "topic" for the document you want to
retrieve. (We cannot modify the software to use different
terminology, at this time. We hope to.)

For example, the first files you may want to obtain are the 'FTPers
index to files on STIS' and the 'STIS User Manual'. The exact text of
the message for these two particular files is:

Request: stis
Topic: index

Request: stis
Topic: public/stishelp.man

(The subject line of your message will be ignored.)

For more information about using the Info-Server at NSF, send the
following request:

Request: info
Topic: help

We hope this extension of STIS will better serve those on BITNET. We
are trying to balance the interests of dial-in, Internet, and BITNET

Having just started in operation, we expect to make corrections, and
even change course if necessary. One big concern is the load on our
systems -- both the computer and the user support service. Immediate,
significant expansion is unrealistic, given our resources.

Thanks for your patience and partnership in the evolution of this NSF

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. National Science Foundation Bitnet : stis@nsf .
. Office of Information Systems Phone : 202/357-7555 .
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. Washington, D.C. 20550 TDD : 202/357-7492 .
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