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F.c.t. Van Der Helm
03-29-1996, 01:03 AM

At the very moment the International Society of Biomechanics strives toward
the standardization of the motion description of joints. Recently, in the
Journal of Biomechanics a general framework has been published. A small
subcommittee, consisting of Frans van der Helm and Jesus Dapena, have made a
number of recommendations for the shoulder joints, i.e. the sternoclavicular,
acromioclavicular and glenohumeral joint.
The advantage of a common framework of presenting joint rotations is that
every reader can see in a glimpse the peculiarities of a certain motion. The
common framework will become soon very familiar, as well as normal values.
Clearly, every researcher must be free to subsequently perform any
transformation of the data in order to support his/her own analysis of the
joint motions.
The full text of these recommendations (as a postscript-file) can be found at
the web-site of the International Shoulder Group:


Certainly, these recommendations must be supported by the majority of the
shoulder researchers. Therefore, I would like to invite everybody to carefully
read the recommendations and add any comments, remarks, suggestions, new
topics, etc. These comments will be encorporated in an updated version of the

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