View Full Version : Looking for a job, EE/BME/MS

Debarag Banerjee
04-03-1996, 01:11 AM
I am looking for an employment oppurtunity in the biomechanics
equipment industry or research establishment.
I am a graduate Electrical Engineer currently completing my MS in
Biomedical Engineering. I possess a strong background in
computers, controls and instrumentation, particularly biomechanical
research equipment, and have 4 years research experience.
As part of my current research project I am developing software and
setting up hardware for analyzing 3D motion using a Vicon 370 system. I have
also performed biomechanical modeling using standard video and data
acqusition (LabVIEW) equipment -results of which will be published soon. I
have also published in IEEE and IEE journals on neural networks and dynamical
system modeling. Hence I can contribute valuably to software/ hardware
development for biomechanical analysis as well as to biomechanics research
If you are further interested interested in me, or know of anybody
who might be please email or call me for a complete resume and any other

Thank you

-Debarag Banerjee
(901) 448-6442

P.S: I hope I am not violating the biomech-l charter by posting this.