View Full Version : properties of glenohumeral ligaments

Christoph Roth
04-03-1996, 02:33 PM
Dear members of biomch-l

About one month ago I posted a query regarding isometric properties of the
glenohumeral ligaments and the force distribution within this ligament
group. Unfortunately, I received only one reply (thanks here to John
Brault), naming one researcher in California who is working in this
field. Even more unfortunately, I haven't been able to establish a
conversation with this person.

I am still in need of information on tensile properties (i.e.
stress-strain curves) of this ligament group. I am aware of one
publication by Bigliani et al. (1992), but could not locate any other work
during my literature search.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I will supply a summary of
replies upon request.


Christoph Roth
Graduate Student
Biomechanics and Movement Science
University of Delaware