View Full Version : Re: caracterization of muscle properties using sinusoidalperturbations

Debarag Banerjee
04-05-1996, 12:50 AM
Dear Ms/ Mr Le Bras,
I have performed sinusoidal pertirbation studies on sagittal motion
of the seated torso. A linear second order model seemed to fit the dynamics
relatively well as a first approximation. This will be published in the
RESNA Conference in June. I can send you a copy of the paper if you wish to.
Please let me know of any information/ literature you might know of in this
Thank you,
-Debarag Banerjee

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Gwenhaela Le Bras Gbm Compiegne wrote:

> Dear Sir or Madam,
> We are actually working on the determination of the properties of human musculo-articular segment. For this, we apply
> sinusoidal perturbations on the studied limb.
> We are looking for persons who work on the same topics.
> Thank you
> G.Le Bras