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S. Sakurai
04-05-1996, 03:19 PM
Several weeks ago I posted a query regarding research work on Board Sailing
(Windsurfing). Original message was as follows.

One of my students in Master course wants to do research work on Board
Sailing (Windsurfing). But we could find very few (nearly no) articles on
it except for injury prevention. Any articles or information about this
sport event (Biomechanics, Physiology, Fitness testing, etc.) will be
really appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry. We are still in need of
information on this matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I saw some data at an yearly exchange that we have with texas A&M
University. It was presented by a young lady who was studying motor
control (I believe left footed vs right footedness) in surfers-- maybe she
could help you ..... I dont have her name or email but I found an address
for a proffesor who does motor control research in Texas A&M's kinesiology
Carl Gabbard address: cpg8800@acs.tamu.edu
He doesn't know me but he knows my dept. (dept of Kinesiology, The
University of Texas at Austin)
Good luck,
Jon Swift Jr.
The University of Texas at Austin Department of Kinesiology
(512) 471-1273 ex 53
(512) 444-3300 (hm)
(512) 444-5883 (fax)

There is a student in the university of LIEGE in Belgium (ULG) who did the
same work on windsurfing. I remerber that he compared the size of the
sails, and the remaining strenght in the back. The only trouble is that it
is in french....
If you are interested maybe I could get his references ..

Raphael Franck, PT

Three years ago one of my students did an undergraduate research project on
windsurfing. It was an excellent piece of work, well above the standard I
would expect from an undergraduate student. He found very little work had
been published in this area and I regret that he did not publish his
The area of his work was to look at injury in relation to the level of
expertise of the windsurfer and also to make some recommendations for
prevention of injury. If you think that contact with my ex-student might
be helpful I will send you his name and address.

From: trew
Marion Trew
University of Brighton

I have been windsurfing for a many years and hence your email looked
interesting. I have come across a fitness regimen for windsurf fitness
which essentially is non-specific as it advocates endurance training for
most muscle groups in the body and strength/endurance mix for some critical
ones. This was supplied by the University Gym and I should be able to dig
up some information on its source if that would be useful.
Secondly, an observation about all the very good sailors I know, the most
common medical comlant is knee problems, probably due to impact loading
with the knee in slight rotation (internal/external) plus neutral
flex/extension. This has been seen in many sailors from Robby Naish down to
regular locals ('apparently' Robby has been sailing for many years with
extremely painful problems. To get an idea of the impacts during sailing,
next time you sail on choppy water in particular, or jumping, wear some
acoustic ear plugs. The inner ear then turns into a sensitive impact
transducer and you really feel the impacts right through the body. I
thought that it 'felt' worse (in terms of impact) than skiing moguls (which
I did the week before I got an ear infection). Obviously, if youhad water
proof data logging accelerometers attached during sailing, thiscould be
quantified as shock transmission up the body. Let me know what you come up
with and what you are interested in.

Tim Lawes
Musculo-Skeletal Research Engineer
Univeristy of Bristol
Dept. of Anatomy
Southwell St. Bristol BS2 8EJ

I am a dedicated and addicted windsurfer. I also happen to have my
Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training here in the
United States. I would be more than happy to assist in any way possible
your student who has a interest in researching the biomechanics/physics of
windsurfing. I have some very knowledgable friends who make a living
teaching windsurfing and the"hydrodynamics" behind the sport. You can
reach me at my e-mail address which is: airhash@aol.com
James Kei Hashimoto, MPT, ATC, CSCS

Shinji: There is a very popular place near here on the Columbia River. I
was going to suggest that you do an internet search, but then I thought
"Why should I let you have all the fun?" So I did some searching myself on
just one database and found the following in a matter of about 5 minutes.
The third address below seems to be the best crossreference. Enjoy!
The Listing for this one follows:
Sailboard Vacations
Windsurfing Webhouse - "Your Local Internet Windsurfing Shop"
Windsurfing Guide to Houston and Galveston
Windsurfing Sports and the WhySail Warehouse Catalog
Sailboards Caribbean
The WIndsurfing Hut - Corpus
Jo 90's Windsurfing Home Page
Kevin's Windsurfing Heaven
Dave Cheeseman's UK Windsurfing Page
Windsurfing Mailing List
FTP Directory of -rec.windsurfing
Home page for the rec.windsurfing W3 archive
Andreas Schlempp's Windsurfing Information Page
Luigi's Windsurfing Stories
Windsurfing Guide to the Stockholm Sweden Area
Nebraska Windsurfing Association
Massachusetts Coast Windsurfing
Ontario ftp Site
Windsurfing Sites on Long Island
Adirondack Boardsailing Club
Illinois Sailing and Windsurfing Club
Marc Huber's Ann Arbor Windsurfing Information Page
The WWW World Wide Windsurfing Server
The SF Bay Area Windsurfing Server
Jeff Hodges' Windsurfing subpage
The Duke's Windsurfing Homepage
Frank Mueller's Windsurfing Page
Stuck Mast/Mastfoot FAQ
Northwest Windsurfing Network
Dutch Surf Magazine
The Kneesurfer
Maui Windsurf Vacation Guide
Lucas Longo's Windsurfing Page
San Diego Windsurfing Association
PBA World Tour WWW Page
SpeedMate Instruments
Sea Page
Outdoor Resources Online
Bob's Maui Windsurf Vacation Rentals
Illustrations by Jap Color Arts
Windsurfing List at Yahoo
Other Windsurfing Companies
Carbon Creations
Gaastra International
Naish Sails
Roberts High Performance Sailboards
Sou-Westa Sailboard Accessories
Windsurfing World Travel
Wind Wing
If anybody knows of any others, please send me email at
windsurfing@webvertising.com, and I will add it to the list.
windsurfer.com Home Page
Each of the topics listed above has an associated internet address.
from Christopher M. Smith, PE M/S K5-22
Battelle, Pacific Northwest National Lab.
PO Box 999, 2400 Stevens, Rm. 2303
Richland, WA 99352-0999
e-mail: CM_Smith@pnl.gov or CMSmith1@aol.com

Locating published research on windsurfing is difficult at best.
Try the US Windsurfing Association at PO Box 978, Hood River OR 97031
or e-mail : USWA@aol.com
Holly MacPherson is the Exec. Director there.

Good Luck!
From: Dale Anderson

Hi Shinji

I am connected with the windsurfing fraternity as current President of the
WA Boardsailing Association and a competitor. I can't help with any
research articles at present but will keep my eyes open. We have a new PhD
student also interested in the biomechnics of windsurfing - perhaps harness
design. Keep in touch.

Richard J Lockwood PhD
Senior Lecturer
Neuromuscular Laboratory
Department of Human Movement
The University of Western Australia
Phone 09 380 2361
Fax 09 380 1039
email lockwood@uniwa.uwa.edu.au

Besides these E-mail messages I received a FAX from Dr.S.L.Legg with a copy
of their article in press, "Physical performance of NZ and other national
elite Olympic class sailors."
He can be reached through
Facsimile +64/6-350-5661
Phone +64/6-350-5194
Department of Management Systems
Massey University
Palmerston North, New Zealand

Again thanks to all who responded.
Shinji SAKURAI, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biomechanics
Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness & Sports
Nagoya University, Nagoya, 464-01, JAPAN
FAX +81/52-789-3957
Office +81/52-789-3954 (Message Phone)
Home +81/52-805-9384 (Phone and FAX)
E-mail g44452a@nucc.cc.nagoya-u.ac.jp