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Nissan Moshe
04-07-1996, 10:31 PM
Dear fellows:
We are trying to orgenize a research into the effects of various
treatments to a complete cut of the sciatic nerve in rats (and later in
bigger mammals). One of the approaches to assess the post treatment
improvement will be to measure movement of limbs following FES. And here
comes the big question: how can we measure this movement? All the
dynamometers and elgons I know are for human (hence much too big!!!).
I thaught about a possible use of a video camera (or two?) but I am not
sure the existing software will work here.
My questions are:
1. What is a reasonable way of measuring the movements?
2. Any references or past experience in the field?
3. If the answer is VC - any recommendations as to the hardware and
I check my mail about once weekly.
I'll summerize the results (of course) ASAP.

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