View Full Version : NIH GUIDE release

Daniel Sheffer
05-20-1991, 10:47 PM
The NIH Guide volume 20 no. 19 has been released and is available via
several routes: (1) LISTSERV at JHUVM (request an index for nihgde-l)
(2) FTP to samba.acs.unc.edu (cd /pub/nih then ls and
use ftp commands for retreival).
This volume of the guide has several items of note:

1. Announcement of a workshop on Biological fluid Dynamics Workshop:
Modeling Flows with Immersed Elastic Structures. to be held
July 28-31, 1991 at the University of Pittsburgh Supercomputing
Center. US academic participants may be supported by funds
provided by the NIH. Apply by June 14,1991 via a request to
Nancy Kiser internet:kiser@psc.edu or bitnet:kiser@pscwpsca
2. A RFP has been released detailing Program Projects in Vascular Biology
and Medicine (RFA HL-91-06).
3. As a potential side issue an announcement (PA-91-53) of Research on the
effects of power freqency and magnetic fields is included.

Hope these are helpful bits or information
Daniel Sheffer