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Cynthia Dunning, Medical Biophysics,u.w.o.
04-10-1996, 02:19 AM
Hello Everyone!!

Thanks so much to eveyone who responded to my post on Friday, March
29. I received a lot of great tips, and thought I'd share a summary
with you.
"I am looking for anthropometric data on the human forearm. In
particular, I need to know average forearm length, and forearm
dimensions just distal to the elbow. Does anyone know where I might
find this data? Any help would be greatly appreciated."

1. 1988 Anthropometric Survey of U.S. Army Personnel: Methods and
Summary Statistics - a technical report (NATICK/TR-89/044) authored
by Claire C.Gordon, Thomas Churchill, Charles Clauser, Bruce
Bradmiller, John McConville, Ilse Tebbetts, and Robert Walker
Wendy Murray

2. MIT Press publication "Humanscale" - a set of anthropometric data
covering the whole body
Kathleen Costa

3. "Occupational Biomechanics" by Don B. Chaffin and Gunnar Anderson,
esp. chapter 2 on Body Segments
Marion Alexander
Peter W. Johnson

4. a chart called Humanscale by Difffrient et al. which reports circular
Marion Alexander

5. "Body Space" by Pheasant
Peter W. Johnson

6. National Library of Medicine's Virtual Human project on internet
address "http://www.nlm.nih.gov"
David Curd

7. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in issues:
273(4): 273-275, 1995
275(4): 269-270, 1996
David Curd

8. William & Listner's Biomechanics by LeVeau, appendices 2 or 3
Brian Thomas Fay

9. Quick Reference to Cultural Assessment (ISBN 0-8151-0408-1)
published by Mosby? (1994)

10. "Anthropometric Source Book",(3 Volumes), NASA Reference
Publication 1024, NASA Science and Technical Office, Washington DC,
July 1978. Edited by Staff of Anthropology Research Project, Webb
Association, Yellow Springs OH
Beth Todd
Sean Gallagher
Ken Chesnin
E.C. "Ned" Frederick

11. Winter, David A., "Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human
Movement", 2nd ed., Wiley & Sons, 1990.
Beth Todd

12. Nilas L, Norgaard H, Podenphant J, Gotfredsen A, Christiansen C
(1987) Bone composition in the distal forearm. Scand J Clin Lab
Invest 47:41-6
Peter Augat

13. Schlenker RA, VonSeggen WW (1976) The distribution of cortical
and trabecular bone mass along the lengths of the radius and ulna and
the implications for an in vivo bone mass measurement. Calcif Tissue
Res 29:41-52
Peter Augat

14. MIL-STD 1472D
Carl Beels

15. Drillis, Contini: "Body Segment Parameters"; Tech. Report No.
1166.03 (NY Univ. School of Eng. and Science Research Div. New York,
Philip Helliwell

16. ErgoWeb @ "http://ergoweb.mech.utah.edu/"
E.C. "Ned" Frederick

17. Greiner TM, Hand Anthropometry of US Army Personnel, 92-00 Army
Natick Research Development and Engineering Center, MA 425p Dec.91
E.C. "Ned" Frederick

18. Gordon CC, Churchill T, Clauser CE, Bradtmiller B, McConville
JT, Anthropometric Survey of US Army Personnel: Methods and Summary
Statistics 1988. 90-00 AD-A225-094/2
E.C. "Ned" Frederick

19. NASA - regression equations for individual body segments
Dwight G. Bronson

FOR CHILDREN (0-18 years old):
1. Richard G. Snyder et al., Anthropometry of Children and Youths to
Age 18 for Product Safety Design, Society of Automotive Engineers,
SP-450, Warrendale, PA, 1977.
Gunter Siegmund

2. Richard G. Snyder et al, Source Data of Infant and Children
Measurements Interim Data, 1972. Prepared for the Children's Hazard
Division, Bureau of Product Safety, Food and Drug Administration,
Bethesda. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. January 1973
(Reprinted January 1975).
Gunter Siegmund
Cynthia Dunning
Graduate Student, University of Western Ontario
HULC Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory
St. Joseph's Health Centre
London, Ontario, Canada
(519) 646-6100 x 5279